Attachment Theory and Disorder – A Holistic Approach

An exploratory and holistic look at attachment theory and the impact that a disordered attachment can have on the whole child. We will explore strategies to help children that are showing difficulties in the classroom feel secure and safe enough to learn successfully. Date/s: Thursday 28 June 2018 Times: 1-4pm

Venue: Chellaston Academy, Swarkestone Road, Chellaston, Derby DE73 5UB

Target Audience: KS1/2 Teachers and support staff, primary/secondary SEND staff.

Objectives: To explore the theory of attachment and to look at how a disordered attachment affects children in the classroom and beyond, we will also look at strategies to help with learning and relationships. Trainer: Brenda Keirnan, SLE

Thu 28 Jun 2018

Chellaston Academy, Swarkestone Road, Derby, UK

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    Brenda Keirnan, SLE