Developing Teacher Expertise (Session 1 of 4)

Developing teachers to become “Pedagogy Experts “or Lead Practitioners” who can research and model best practice, coach and support others, as well as, lead staff development sessions, is becoming very important. This course will not only look to improve individual teacher pedagogy, but also will provide practical guidance and support as to how to build teacher expertise in staff development and coaching. Practitioners will be expected to trial and evaluate strategies in their own schools. There will also be a sustained focus on collaboration and sharing strategies to secure improvement.

Programme Outcomes

– Understanding of the features of expert teaching and how the role of a Lead Practitioner can
be used to effectively develop teaching expertise in school
– Focus on the most effective school strategies to develop and refine expert teaching
– Opportunity for practitioners to develop their own expertise in key areas of teaching, lead staff
development and coach others for improvement
Trainer: John Turner, Educational Consultant
Session 1: “Developing Teacher Expertise”: Wednesday 20 September 2017
– Research around expertise and how it can be developed
– Identification of the features of an Expert Teacher
– Resources to support expert teaching and the process of teacher improvement – case study
– Developmental Challenge – “ Expert Lesson Planning”
Session 2: “The Role of a Lead Practitioner”: Friday 13 October 2017
– Scanner, Researcher, Trainer, Creator, Coach, Supporter, Collaborator, Evaluator, Refiner
– Researching and modelling great teaching
– Supporting Middle and Senior Leaders
– Development Challenge – “Expert Stretch and Challenge”
Session 3: “Co-Leading Staff Development”; Thursday 16 November 2017
– Focus on the staff development strategies that have most impact
– Planning effective staff development sessions – Top Tips for Delivery
– Sharing great practice – one school’s focus on “Expert Modelling”
– Developmental Challenge – planning a staff development session around “Expert Feedback”
Session 4: “Supporting and Coaching for Improvement”; Thursday 14 December 2017
– The process of pragma coaching – Top Tips
– Planning, observing and giving feedback for Improvement
– Developmental Challenge – Developing “Expert Questioning” in the Classroom

Criteria for teachers attending:

• Teachers who are already good practitioners and wish to develop their teaching skills further
• Teachers who are prepared to try out and evaluate new strategies in their own classrooms and
work on “gap tasks” between sessions
• Teachers who are prepared to reflect on their own “learning journey” through the Course and
record this in a reflective learning log.

Wed 20 Sep 2017

Conference Centre, Derby, United Kingdom

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