DTSA Partner Meeting with Dave Keeling ‘Invisible Teaching: practical ways to create energy, openness and focus in the classroom’

Invisible Teaching: practical ways to create energy, openness and focus in the classroom
• Explore some fast, fun activities, requiring little or no set-up, that increase the energy, openness and focus of students (and teachers).
• Look at strategies that promote a positive and focused classroom atmosphere.
• Boost performance levels in the classroom by tapping into the secrets of invisible teaching that personalizes learning and encourages creativity.
• Inspire pupils, develop emotional intelligence and better communication.
• Build rapport, support effective classroom management and ignite a passion for learning.

6’ 2” and ginger, Dave Keeling is a professional actor and has been a ‘stand-up’ educationalist for over 10 years working the length and breadth of the country with teachers, pupils and parents. Having trained as a professional actor at The London Academy of Music And Dramatic Art Dave has worked extensively in theatre and television. He also writes and performs comedy something that has taken him from Bolton to Las Vegas and then usually back to Bolton again. It’s Dave’s inimitable sense of humour, enthusiasm and ability to engage with everyone that makes him an ideal choice for one of our morning meeting sessions which will be dynamic, energetic, witty and practically useful to all teachers.
“The most inspiring experience ever. Every teacher should have to attend one of David’s sessions during their career. Thank you for such an enjoyable day!!”
“ Hugely inspirational providing mind space from the school issues to look at the bigger pictures. Good balance of interaction and things to take away.”
“David Keeling was fabulous, awe-inspiring, what a livewire! We need more inspirational people like him in schools.”

Thu 08 Mar 2018

Breadsall Priory Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Moor Road, Morley, United Kingdom

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Non partners can still attend at a cost of £85 per person.

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