Transforming Teaching and Learning in Your School (Session 3 of 4)

This course is designed to provide clear support, guidance and practical advice to school leaders (at all levels) who hold a responsibility for securing high quality teaching across the school or within a specific subject area. Practitioners will be expected to trial and evaluate strategies in their own schools with an expectation of measuring impact on and progress of pupils. There will also be a sustained focus on collaboration and sharing strategies to secure the improvement of learning experiences in all schools.
Programme Outcomes
– Identification of the Key Features of Excellent Teaching and Learning
– Understanding of how to develop a school culture that promotes and supports excellent teaching and learning
– Focus on the most effective school strategies to embed excellent teaching and learning practice and sharing best practice
– Understanding how to involve staff in the quality assurance process to ensure consistently excellent teaching and learning.

Session 1: “Identifying Excellence”: Thursday 4 May 2017
– Identification and clarity of what research tells us about excellent teaching and learning
– Understanding how expertise in teaching and learning can be developed – case study
– Developmental Challenge – what does excellent challenge look like in the classroom?
Session 2: “Building a School Culture for Excellence”: Tuesday 23 May 2017
– Five C’s of School Improvement – Core Purpose, Clarity, Community, Coherence, Consistency
– “Making the Main Thing, the Main Thing”
– Focus on Challenge, Improvement and Excellence in everything, starting with the BASICS
– Developmental Challenge – how do you develop high expectations and a Growth Mindset?
Session 3: “Embedding Excellence”: Wednesday 21 June 2017
– Focus on the staff development strategies that have most impact
– The power of teacher developmental observation and videoing of lessons
– Sharing great practice – one school’s story
– Developmental Challenge – planning a staff development session
Session 4: “Ensuring Excellence”: Tuesday 4 July 2017
– Focus on effective strategies for monitoring and evaluating excellent teaching and learning
– The role of classroom teacher, middle leader and senior leader in the quality assurance
– How teaching and learning can be refined and improved as a result of the evaluation process
– Teaching and Learning Accountability – one school’s story
– Developmental Challenge – how can we monitor and evaluate the extent of challenge in lessons

Wed 21 Jun 2017

Conference Centre, Derby, United Kingdom

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