Benefits of choosing DTSA School Direct

Derby Teaching Schools Alliance is a broad and inclusive alliance of schools and other partners. We are part of a not for profit Charitable Trust. We are working together to train the next generation of outstanding teachers through the Schools Direct route. Every member of DTSA involved in Schools Direct is totally committed to giving student teachers the very best support and training.

The main advantage of applying to DTSA School Direct is that our close partnership with local universities offers a broad range of school experiences combined with high quality academic input and access to library resources.

Other benefits include:

  • The possibility of beginning your teaching career in a school where career progression through ITT, as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and a Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT) are well-developed, offering you the opportunity to study for a masters qualification on an established route
  • Well-developed links between schools across the Alliance from all phases allowing you to experience a range of Key stages; Special School experience and early Years experience
  • Local professionally facilitated networking with other DTSA School Direct students; access to a range of local curriculum forums and links with Newly Qualified Teachers training and events

If you would like to discuss the DTSA Schools Direct programme please contact or Frances Vinall mobile 07825 738359