School to School Support

DTSA 'Stronger Together' School to School Improvement Package
This is a new package that gives schools discounted access to a range of school to school improvement opportunities from proven serving practitioners that have been trained to deliver high quality in-school support. Please see the list of DTSA NLEs, NLGs, LLEs and SLEs in the 'Who's Involved' section.

School to School Improvement: SLEs Package

Derby Teaching School Alliance recognises that by working together, and sharing our collective learning, we can support system - wide improvements. We seek to continue improving partnership working between schools as the best foundation for raising standards. We have a wide range of high quality expertise available and work carefully with schools to consider how best to match the appropriate support to the needs of the schools and the individuals concerned. Any programme of support would begin with a detailed discussion about the specific focus of the planned work, thereby enabling a bespoke programme to be designed. We do not believe that ‘one size fits all’ – bespoke packages of support will be developed which will vary from shorter, one-off pieces of work to longer term projects.

School to school support is best when developed with schools and has a focus on building internal capacity to sustain improvement. We believe that best practice can be found in many contexts and settings and seek to develop practical ways of sharing best practice involving staff from a wide range of roles. We will work with schools through discussion to find the most appropriate and effective support to enable them to deliver the highest quality of education for their pupils.

DTSA continues to build up its pool of NLEs; LLEs; SLEs and a wide range of other colleagues that are available to be commissioned and deployed to support schools. We will provide significant local support to these colleagues by:

  • offering regular, local, facilitated network meetings to share good practice; compare experiences; support each other in these challenging roles and keep skills refreshed
  • ensuring the number of days for each contract is carefully negotiated and agreed in advance of deployment – including time for planning and preparation (contracts will vary and could be from one day to several days and be over short; medium or longer periods dependent on the school’s needs – flexibility is key)
  • ensuring that a clear contract is produced for each piece of work including fees, timescales and intended outcomes
  • ensuring that there are clear and agreed quality assurance processes
  • ensuring that invoices for work are paid promptly
  • offering discounts to DTSA commercial events to those that are working with us
  • providing references for career development purposes if requested.

Any work DTSA commissions will be at an agreed competitive rate per day inclusive of expenses. A code of practice is being developed for all working for DTSA and this will be built into the contracting arrangements.

Names and brief biographies of colleagues working with DTSA are regularly updated and placed on the website. If you are interested in becoming part of the DTSA pool or would like to discuss this further in the first instance please contact Lauren Derbyshire on

‘Being open and attentive is more effective than being judgemental.’

— John Heider